[AKAI MPC 2500] Coping approach to power trouble

[AKAI MPC 2500] Coping approach to power trouble

Music production with use DAW software is became major recently. If you use the hardware equipment to make music, it can lead some more troubles than in case of using DAW software. Specifically, old successive AKAI MPCs (like the 60, 2000, 3000) are almost discontinued production. And, they are almost used item. So, if buy one of them, troubles occur easily compared with in case of buy brand new product. In case of me, AKAI MPC 2500’s power trouble visit me.


By the way, I mention about

  • Coping approach that I tried to AKAI MPC 2500’s power trouble.

in this article.

Coping approach that I tried

1. Empty the CD/DVD drive

AKAI MPC 2500 include the CD and DVD drive. And, I was feeling like this with using it. “AKAI MPC 2500’s power down frequency, when disc into the CD/DVD drive and load the disc dates”.

So, I tried to switch AKAI MPC 2500 on with empty the CD/DVD drive. At first, I could use MPC without power down trouble. But, this approach wasn’t effective every time.


2. I left the AKAI MPC 2500 alone after its power on

This approach was most effective.

When AKAI MPC 2500 were good, it can used without power trouble. But, it wasn’t in good, it was repeating the same process that like a “power on→power off→power on→power off…”. So, I tried to left the AKAI MPC alone few minutes~few hours after the its power on. Having done that, AKAI MPC 2500’s operation was become steady and it became usable without trouble.



Coping approaches to AKAI MPC 2500’s power trouble are like the above.

AKAI MPC’s condition are may different per each equipment. So, I can’t guarantee this approach is effective to whole case of AKAI MPC’s power trouble.

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